June 24, 2024


Jimmy White, nicknamed “The Whirlwind” for his fast and exciting playing style, is a snooker legend.

Though he never clinched the coveted World Championship title despite six finals appearances, White’s charisma and attacking play won him legions of fans.

Born in 1962, White turned pro in 1980 and quickly rose to stardom. He captured the UK Championship in 1992 and the Masters in 1984, amassing 36 career titles in total.

While his near misses at the Crucible were heartbreaking, White’s influence on snooker is undeniable.

His flamboyant style, complete with waistcoats and a cue he lovingly called “Excalibur,” captivated audiences. White’s dedication to the sport and his tireless charity work cemented his place as a snooker icon.

Even in his sixties, White continues to compete, now on the senior circuit, where he’s bagged four World titles.

Jimmy White’s wife
Jimmy White’s wife

Who is Jimmy White’s wife Kelly Singh?

Jimmy White, a professional snooker player from England, is married to Kelly Singh. Since 2013, Kelly Singh and Jimmy White have been wed for a total of 11 years.



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