June 18, 2024


The terrible Sandra Chavez murder case stunned the people of Tracy, California.

Sandra Cantu, who was eight years old on March 27, 2009, failed to come home from her play that evening. Her mother tried every avenue to locate her.

Sadly, though, all of that work was for nothing because the authorities found the young child inside a bag, dead.

Authorities questioned Sandra’s biological father, the residents next door, and anybody else they could after learning of the unsettling homicide case.

The cops had a difficult time determining who might have killed this young child and why. But everyone was shocked to learn the reality.

In addition to being brutally murdered, the 8-year-old also experienced sexual harassment.

The terrifying specifics of this case were also covered in an ID television series episode titled “Someone You Trust” (See No Evil).

It should be mentioned that Sandra Cantu is the victim; her father is Daniel Cantu, and her mother is Maria Chavez.

Sandra Chavez Murder: Drugged And Sexually Abused

After dinner, the eight-year-old daughter disappeared to play at a friend’s house. She shared a home with her mother, three older siblings, and grandparents.

Furthermore, the victim attended Melville S. Jacobson Elementary School, where she was a second-grader.

Her house complex was searched extensively using police dogs, equestrian teams, and helicopters, but no trace of her was discovered.

She was seen crossing the street in surveillance footage before she was out of sight. There was a $22,000 prize offered, and the FBI was called in to help.

An early suspect was eliminated, a local man who had been spotted kissing Cantu two years earlier.

Sadly, on April 6, Sandra’s death was discovered inside a suitcase when a regular pond draining was underway.

She had been beaten, sexually assaulted, and smothered, according to autopsy findings, and toxicology testing showed that Alprazolam had been present.



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