June 14, 2024


The Inspector General of Police Dr. George Akuffo Dampare has been accused of Pharisee-like attitude in holding Guard of Honour for Outgoing Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) as against his own retiring Commissioners of Police. 

This comes after the Ghana Police Service led a celebratory guard of honour parade on 30th January 2024, to bid farewell to the outgoing Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Vice Admiral Seth Amoama, at the National Police Headquarters.

In a case reminiscent of “Outside-Gentility-Home-Cry”, IGP Dampare who has been accused of prioritizing “Self Promotion PR” over actual police work, the Headquarters of the Police hosted  the Ghana Prisons Service, the Ghana National Fire Service, the Ghana Immigration Service, and the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority to stage the giant PR for the IGP’s reputation laundry. 

What has been surprising and shocking for many is that IGP has reportedly refused to hold similar Guard of Honour for retiring Senior Police Officers since his assumption of office with the last one held being for COP (Rtd) Ken Yeboah. 

Since then, credible sources told MyNewsGh.com several COPs have unceremoniously retired without any honour including but not limited to COP Kofi Boakye, COP Alphonse Adu Amankwaah, COP G.A. Mensah amongst many others.

While IGP Dampare’s own COPs are retiring under his nose and made to walk in their shadows quietly home, insiders in the security service wonder why the IGP is holding a guard of honour parade for the retiring top soldier. 

“This clear case of what Jesus that if you can’t love your fellow humans that you live here with, don’t think that you can love God whom you have never seen” a source told MyNewsGh.com. 

“If you look at what some people in the police do to their fellow police officers and turn around to make the whole world believe that they are more Christians than others,  you will doubt God if your faith in God is not firm,” the source decried. 

The source continued: 

“There are a lot of people in the police who profess to be consumate Christians but their fruits clearly show that they are not of God but of the devil. They are wolves in sheep skins but then again,  don’t be deceived by people who profess to worship God with outward proclamations and conducts but treat their fellow police officers with disdain malicious intents. Matthew 7:21 cautions us against them – not all who says to me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of God but those who do the will of the father. 

What then is the will of the father in heaven? It is simply to love your neighbour as yourself as rightly said by Jesus Christ himself in Matthew 22:39, and Jesus himself said that by loving your neighbour as yourself and, loving the Lord God with all your heart are the greatest commandments of all. There is no commandment greater than these.

Probably the most difficult aspect of all Christian practices is loving your neighbour as yourself but 1 John 4: 20 is very instructional  – you cannot claim to love God whom you have never seen than your brother that you see everyday but that is what many of us do, especially those of us who call ourselves practicing Christians. How do you love God whom you have never seen and for me this is one of the realistic and practical aspects of the Bible that ought to be the measuring rod of every Christian as far as his relationship with God and fellow man is concerned. 

For those who claim to love God more than their fellow man, the Bible calls them liars and if they are liars, then the Bible says they are of Satan because he is the one who lied from the beginning according to John 8.44. 

Yeah! That is what the Bible says and not me.

Yesterday, a colourful parade was held at the national police headquarters for the outgoing Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), and I took my time to watch it as it was streamed live on the official Facebook page of Ghana Police Service and for me, it is a situation of loving God more than your fellow police officer, and just as I have clearly stated with my supporting Bible verses, any man who claims to love God than his fellow police officer is a liar. 

In recent times we have seen a lot of topnotch police officers retiring and after long years of hardwork, commitments and dedications to the Ghana Police Service, these officers walk away quietly and then  sublime into the thin air as if they never ever worked in the Ghana Police Service but the flip side is Ghana Police Service putting all the resources together to organise a guard of honour parade in pomp and pageantry for a retiring soldier. If it is not a case of loving God more than your fellow police officer then what is it? I am wondering whether there will ever be a time that a guard of honour parade will be held at Burma Camp for a retiring Inspector-General of the police as it was held for the outgoing CDS. Will the soldiers accord the IGP the respect in equal measure like the way Ghana Police Service has accorded the retiring CDS? 

I know this is a way to dispel the rife rumour that there is no healthy relationship between the current police administration and the military high command but in all the things we do as an organisation, we should be mindful that charity should begins at home and, until some of us see a guard of honour parade held at Burma Camp for the IGP, I will always insist that this is a clear case of loving God more than your fellow police officer.

I just passed by for a long while now but let those who have ears listen to what the spirit says. Anyone who loves God more than his fellow police officer is a liar. 



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