June 24, 2024


In March 1976, Diao Aiqing was born in Taizhou, Jiangsu, in the Jiangyan District.

Despite facing hardships at home, Diao was able to enlist at Nanjing University. She relocated to Nanjing in October 1995 so that she could enroll in the university’s School of Adult Education.

On January 10, 1996, in the late afternoon, Diao and her roommate from the resident hall were both punished for using an electrical device without authorization.

She got into a fight with the dorm administration, fled the building, and never returned. The last thing Diao was seen wearing was a crimson coat with a black inside. It was not until January 19 that the authorities got in touch with her family after she was reported missing.

On January 19, 1996, the severed bones of Diao were found in or near Nanjing University in Jiangsu, China. More than two thousand pieces had been taken from her.

The investigation is still open for one of the most notorious crimes in the city.

In China, the case is officially known as the Nanjing 1-19 Incident or the 1-19 Dismemberment Case.

Diao Aiqing Crime Scene Photos

Diao Aiqing Crime Scene Photos
Diao Aiqing Crime Scene Photos



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