June 18, 2024


Pete Carroll, the silver-haired architect of the Legion of Boom, is a coaching enigma. In college, he built empires.

Two national titles at USC cemented his legacy as a mastermind of offensive fireworks. Yet, the NFL proved a tougher nut to crack. Early stumbles in New England and New York cast doubt, but Carroll persevered.

Landing in Seattle, he found his groove. His infectious “Always Compete” mantra resonated with a city starved for success.

He instilled a belief in relentless defense, where the “12th Man” Seahawks fans became the league’s most feared weapon. The culmination? A Super Bowl XLVIII victory, etched in history with Malcolm Butler’s last-minute interception.

Beyond Xs and Os, Carroll championed player development, fostering a culture of “Win Forever” that transcended the gridiron.

He empowered stars like Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman, even weathering controversies with a Zen-like calm.

Though 2023 marked his departure from the head coach seat, Carroll’s impact lingers. He remains an advisor, his Seahawks legacy secure. Pete Carroll: a complex figure, a relentless competitor, and ultimately, a Seattle icon who forever changed the game.

Pete Carroll
Pete Carroll

Meet Jim Carroll and John Carroll

Pete Carroll has two siblings who are known as Jim Carroll and John Carroll.



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