June 14, 2024


Carter Dallas became the youngest person to ever reach the base camp of Mount Everest at the age of two.

Within the world of remarkable accomplishments, the story of Carter Dallas is told.

Being the youngest person to climb Mount Everest’s base camp, he has made history.

He embarked on this incredible adventure with his daring parents, Ross and Jade Dallas.

Carter Dallas
Carter Dallas

Carter Dallas Age: How Old Is The Youngest Everest Climber?

Carter, who is two years old, is the youngest to achieve this difficult feat, leaving a lasting legacy in the record books.

Reaching the base camp of Mount Everest is a noteworthy accomplishment. It makes us examine Carter Dallas, the protagonist of this amazing story, more closely.

His age becomes more than just a statistic; it serves as evidence of the spirit of adventure that his parents fostered in him. Carter Dallas is a tiny explorer who was born in Glasgow, Scotland.

On October 25, he set out to reach Everest’s base camp. Carter and his mother Jade were carried on Carter’s father’s back.



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