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The life of Lacey Fletcher was one of mystery and seclusion. She was dependent on her parents, Clay and Sheila Fletcher, for care due to her autism and social anxiety diagnosis.

Her terrible demise and the horrifying circumstances surrounding her life have spurred legal action as well as public discussion on the difficulties associated with providing special needs care.

Lacey Fletcher Wikipedia: Who Was She?

With a diagnosis of autism and severe social anxiety, Lacey Ellen Fletcher’s existence was one of mystery and seclusion.

She was mostly raised by her parents, Clay and Sheila Fletcher, in Slaughter, Louisiana, during her early years.

Lacey’s world progressively grew smaller as she dealt with the difficulties of her circumstances, and she retreated from society, which culminated in her final public appearance about 15 years ago.

The Fletcher family offered an alternative lifestyle to Lacey’s upsetting circumstances, having lived in a tidy two-story house on a gravel cul-de-sac for almost thirty years.

Lacey Fletcher
Lacey Fletcher

Lacey Fletcher Cause of Death

A terrible combination of chronic starvation and long-term medical neglect was Lacey Fletcher’s cause of death.

Lacey was primarily cared for by her parents, Clay and Sheila Fletcher, due to her severe social anxiety and autism from birth.

The horrifying facts of her death came to light on January 3, 2022, when her malnourished body was found fused to a couch in their Slaughter, Louisiana, home.

Dr. Ewell Dewitt Bickham III, the coroner for the area, looked over Lacey’s startling condition. Her body had “melted” into the sofa, covered with liquid feces, urine, maggots, insect bites, and terrible sores.



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