June 24, 2024


Two-wheeled warrior, Doug Henry carved his name into motocross history. Born with gasoline in his veins, he tore up dirt tracks from Connecticut cornfields to California stadiums.

His signature Superman seat grab defied gravity, thrilling fans even as it broke bones. Three national titles glittered on his mantle, testaments to raw talent and fearless spirit.

But a crash in ’96 took its toll, leaving him paralyzed. Undeterred, Henry became an advocate for spinal cord research, proving his champion spirit extended far beyond the racetrack.

He may not rule the roost anymore, but the roar of his engine still echoes in the hearts of the motocross faithful. Doug Henry: fallen, but never forgotten.

Doug Henry
Doug Henry

Is Doug Henry Paralyzed?

Doug Henry is, in fact, disabled from the waist down to some extent. He had a spinal cord injury during a Supermoto event in March 2007.

Henry has continued to be involved in the motocross community despite being paralyzed. He races modified snowmobiles and promotes spinal cord research. Numerous individuals who have experienced hardship find inspiration in him.



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