June 24, 2024

Mary Rockstar, former maid for Kuami Eugene is in the news again, trending for the wrong reasons.

Mary has come back again to drag her former boss and confidant, Kuami Eugene in a viral self-recorded video.

Mary claims she is not happy about what Kuami Eugene did to her some time ago, saying that the musician promoted a video that was intended to mar her reputation.

Narrating the story, Mary claims a lady in a self-recorded video fired some shots at her, after which she questioned why Kuami Eugene collected the phone given to Mary.

She claims Kuami Eugene ignorantly and foolishly promoted the video without thinking about her reputation.

In her reply, Mary claims Kuami Eugene has a skeleton in his cupboard.

Mary claimed she has some hidden secrets about Kuami Eugene that when she releases them, it will mar the reputation of the musician.

According to her, there are some shocking secrets behind the musician taking back a phone that was given to her.

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