June 14, 2024


Tennis may be Thanasi Kokkinakis’ individual battlefield, but his journey wouldn’t be the same without his siblings, Christina and Pan.

Sharing their genes and a fair share of court time, they form a tight-knit team that adds a unique flavor to the Kokkinakis narrative.

Thanasi Kokkinakis Siblings
Thanasi Kokkinakis Siblings

Meet Christina Kokkinakis and Pan Kokkinakis

Christina, the eldest, acts as the family anchor. Though not in the tennis spotlight, she provides unwavering support, often accompanying Thanasi and Pan to tournaments, offering a voice of calm amidst the competitive storm.

Her presence ensures a sense of home, reminding the brothers of life beyond the scoreboard.

Pan, the younger brother, is Thanasi’s closest confidante and fierce competitor. They were rivals-turned-teammates on the junior circuit, pushing each other to greater heights.

Pan’s own promising tennis career, cut short by injuries, fueled Thanasi’s determination to succeed for both of them. Their bond extends beyond the court, with playful banter and genuine support marking their dynamic.

Though paths have diverged, the siblings remain deeply connected. Pan, now pursuing a business career, remains Thanasi’s biggest cheerleader, offering insightful advice and celebrating every victory.

Christina, ever the rock, continues to be a pillar of support and a source of balance in the whirlwind of professional tennis.

Their relationship isn’t just sentimental; it’s strategic. Thanasi often credits his siblings for shaping his on-court persona. Pan’s competitive spirit honed his fighting spirit, while Christina’s calming presence taught him emotional resilience.

They are his sounding board, his critics, and his cheerleaders, pushing him to be a better player and a better man.

The Kokkinakis siblings are more than just family; they are a unit. They share victories and defeats, laughter and tears, always pushing each other forward.

And while Thanasi may bask in the individual glory, their story underscores the power of familial bonds in shaping success and shaping a champion.



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