June 24, 2024


Behind every champion stands a pillar of support, and for Thanasi Kokkinakis, those pillars come in the form of his parents, Trevor and Voula.

Greek immigrants who settled in Adelaide, Australia, instilled in Thanasi a work ethic and passion for life that have fueled his rise to tennis stardom.

Meet Trevor Kokkinakis and Voula Kokkinakis

Trevor, originally from Kalamata, Greece, is described as a quiet but determined figure. He instilled in Thanasi a love for sport, introducing him to tennis at a young age.

Trevor’s unwavering belief in his son’s potential was a constant source of motivation during Thanasi’s early years, especially when injuries threatened to derail his career.

Voula, on the other hand, is the vibrant heart of the family. Her warmth and humor balance Trevor’s seriousness, creating a nurturing environment for Thanasi and his siblings.

Voula’s unwavering support is evident in her constant presence at tournaments, cheering her son on with an infectious enthusiasm that has endeared her to fans worldwide.

Beyond their individual roles, Trevor and Voula share a deep appreciation for their Greek heritage. They instilled in Thanasi a strong sense of cultural identity, which he proudly displays on the court. The Greek flag often adorns his racquet and apparel, a testament to the values that shaped him.

The challenges of immigration only strengthened their bond as a family. Navigating a new language and culture instilled in them a resilience that they passed on to Thanasi.

He speaks Greek fluently and actively engages with the Greek community in Australia, showing gratitude for the support he receives from his cultural roots.

Trevor and Voula’s influence extends beyond tennis. They raised Thanasi to be a respectful young man, known for his humility and sportsmanship on and off the court. His frequent interaction with fans and dedication to charity work are a reflection of the values his parents instilled in him.

Thanasi Parents

FAQs about Thanasi Kokkinakis’ Parents:

Where are Thanasi Kokkinakis’ parents from?

Voula Kokkinakis is from Tripoli, while Trevor Kokkinakis is from Kalamata. Both are Greek immigrants.

How did they support Thanasi’s tennis career?

From an early age, Trevor supported Thanasi’s love of sports, and Voula gave him constant emotional support throughout his career, particularly when he struggled with injuries.

How does Thanasi honor his Greek heritage?

Greek is Thanasi’s native tongue, and he frequently wears and uses tennis gear with the Greek flag on it. He interacts with the Australian Greek community extensively and thanks them for their support.



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