June 18, 2024


From Navy SEAL hero with a Medal of Honor to the halls of Nebraska’s governor’s mansion and the U.S. Senate, Robert J. Kerrey’s life has been a tapestry woven with valor, resilience, and reinvention.

Kerrey’s Vietnam War scars, both physical and mental, became part of his political DNA. He championed veterans’ rights while navigating the complexities of foreign policy. Back home, he rejuvenated Nebraska’s economy and pushed for education reform.

But Kerrey wasn’t a one-note politician. He built a successful restaurant chain, then tackled higher education as president of The New School. Wall Street beckoned, and he became a savvy investor, backing promising startups.

Through it all, Kerrey, with his silver mane and steely gaze, retained the aura of a man who had stared death down and lived to tell the tale.

Now, in his later years, Kerrey’s focus has shifted. He chairs The Minerva Institute, nurturing the next generation of global leaders.

His journey, from battlefield to boardroom, remains an inspiring testament to the boundless possibilities that lie beyond service and sacrifice.

Kerrey’s story isn’t just about political power or personal success. It’s about a man who grappled with the demons of war, embraced the opportunities of peace, and dared to build legacies beyond battlefield glory.

It’s a reminder that the human spirit, like Kerrey himself, can be scarred yet strong, weathered yet wise, forever marked by the battles fought and the bridges built.

Robert J. Kerrey
Robert J. Kerrey

Who Is Sarah Paley?

Kerrey’s smart writer wife Sarah Paley is more into the NYC art world than politicians. Her Vogue column criticizing Nebraska during his senatorial campaign caused controversy, despite her backing.

They had a kid named Henry and lead a more tranquil life away from politics.



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