June 18, 2024


Two Newspapers in Ghana are in an editorial war over the tenure, accomplishments and controversies surrounding Ghana’s Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Maj. General Oppong Peprah.

The two Newspapers, The Herald and the Daybreak are splitting hairs over allegations favoritism, tribalism, partisanship, alleged selling of peace-keeping slots, use of soldiers for private operations involving land and other matters as well as the military’s direct involvement in illegal mining popularly called “Galamsey” by providing security for illegal miners destroying water bodies as exposed by Joy News Investigation led by Erastus Donkor all under the tenure of Maj. General Oppong Peprah.

In a series of publications, the Herald Newspaper sighting credible sources and evidence alleged various rot within the military under Oppong Peprah who is said to be refusing the post of CDS despite passing a conventional 3-years as COAS.

Reacting to the Herald Publication, The Daybreak accused the Herald of “fabrications” and promoting “doom, danger, or instability for our dear country” due to the series of “revelations” being published about the military in the press.

In a rather swift rebuttal, the Herald took a direct swipe at the Daybreak Newspaper as an outlet for “snitching on senior military officers for their paymasters, as well as the national security establishment”.

“It is interesting to note that The Daybreak newspaper and its managers, can report on developments in the military, including accusing senior military officers of stealing cars and not be accused of doing the bidding of politicians, but The Herald cannot do anything at all on the state institution because their journalism is superior and healthier. 

Our recent work on the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has nothing to do with the person of the Chief of Army Staff, Major General Thomas Oppong-Peprah, but more to do with the state of Ghana’s military in general which he represents as a critical wing and plays an active role.

Reacting to the claims of fabrication, the herald said “the fallen discipline, the corruption, thefts and the lack of accountability in the Army wing of the GAF are on the lips of everyone who has either worn the uniform before or has had something to do with the institution and not the fabrications of The Herald.”

“The Herald did not fabricate the alleged rape of a female army officer on peacekeeping duty in Lebanon, and neither did we fabricate the selling of peacekeeping slots and extortion of soldiers by a senior military officer who has just been promoted to the rank of the Major General, despite a damning Defense Intelligence investigation and report into his despicable conduct.”



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