June 14, 2024


Actress Lydia Forson says no one should downplay the influence of money in Ghana’s political space.

She says people who have money in Ghana can influence the political scene and get themselves ahead of people who do not.

The actress was reacting to Benard Avle’s interview with Cheddar when he asked about the source of his wealth and funding.

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“We’ve had several attempts by independent candidates who’ve not received the attention or support from the people, why? MONEY! Like it or not our political landscape is ruled by money, if you have enough of it you will be on billboards and interviews- if you don’t, well,” she said.

Adding that “You people underestimate the power of money in our politics and how it influences all of our decisions. The best of us will still need money to be seen & heard, and it’s something not many have. So if we truly want change; we should be ready to support the process”.



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